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Web Hosting by Master Sites - Summary

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Some information or details of these listings (possibly including price and/or features) may not be correct by the time you read this page. Please read the Important Notes at bottom of this page.

Summary | Details

1.Master Sites: Web Starter
The most popular plan at Master Sites is the Web Starter. This hosting plan gives you enough space and bandwidth to create and manage your site effectively.
 Host TypeShared Server   
 Space25Mb Bandwidth5Gb/Month
    Info Updated2002-01-08
 More Info or Visit company site or order

2.Master Sites: Web Developer
Develop your site with many of our premium services including PHP, MySQL, Perl, Java, and more. This hosting plan features an increase to 10 GB bandwidth as well.
 Host TypeShared Server   
 Space200Mb Bandwidth10Gb/Month
    Info Updated2002-01-08
 More Info or Visit company site or order

3.Master Sites: Web Commercial
Feature packed web hosting geared towards large, commercial sites with plenty of room to expand. These hosting plans are unmatched in features and quality of service.
 Host TypeShared Server   
 Space500Mb Bandwidth20Gb/Month
    Info Updated2002-01-08
 More Info or Visit company site or order

4.Master Sites: Web Starter - Plus
Our most popular hosting plan with an added edge of performance. You get more space, more premium features and a bundle of user accounts that make this a great value!
 Host TypeShared Server   
 Space150Mb Bandwidth5Gb/Month
    Info Updated2002-01-08
 More Info or Visit company site or order

5.Master Sites: Web Developer - Plus
Upgrade to our plus version with more space, user accounts, and databases. Chili!Soft ASP is also included free of charge for you to further develop your web site.
 Host TypeShared Server   
 Space300Mb Bandwidth10Gb/Month
    Info Updated2002-01-08
 More Info or Visit company site or order

6.Master Sites: Web Commercial - Plus
This is our most feature packed hosting plan with even more space and bandwidth for the extreme web site. We have included our Static IP Package free of charge!
 Host TypeShared Server   
 Space1,000Mb Bandwidth30Gb/Month
    Info Updated2002-01-08
 More Info or Visit company site or order

Important Notes:
  1. Each listing is believed to be correct at time it was last updated. The date of the last update to each listing is shown in the "Info Updated" field of that listing. All listings are based on publicly available information and/or information provided by the vendor - our company (Answers 2000 Limited) is not a user of any of the hosting services listed, and does not endorse or recommend any particular hosting company or service.
  2. Prices were calculated based on the best annual rates available from the particular web hosting vendor on the specified date, and where necessary adjusted to Setup and Monthly equivalents. Additional VAT, Sales Taxes, or other taxes may apply in some cases depending on where you and the hosting company are located. Vendors may vary their pricing at any time.
  3. Web hosting vendors listed, may apply terms and conditions that limit space, bandwidth or other services they provide.
  4. "Reseller Program" is used to refer to those services which allow a user to purchase web hosting and then sell it on, rather than affiliate programs.
  5. Vendors may alter prices, services, terms and conditions, or other details, of their services at any time. Please check their sites for latest information. In all cases, the information on the vendor's site is definitive.
  6. Answers 2000 (owners of this site) does not operate a web hosting service, does not endorse or recommend any particular service or vendor, and is not responsible for any listed service. We urge you to do your own research and due diligence when choosing a hosting service.
  7. Disclosure: Answers 2000 (owners of this site) may receive a payment if you purchase webhosting, domain registration or other products/services after following a link from this website.

Disclosure: Our company's websites' content (including this website's content) includes advertisements for our own company's websites, products, and services, and for other organization's websites, products, and services. In the case of links to other organization's websites, our company may receive a payment, (1) if you purchase products or services, or (2) if you sign-up for third party offers, after following links from this website. Unless specifically otherwise stated, information about other organization's products and services, is based on information provided by that organization, the product/service vendor, and/or publicly available information - and should not be taken to mean that we have used the product/service in question. Additionally, our company's websites contain some adverts which we are paid to display, but whose content is not selected by us, such as Google AdSense ads. For more detailed information, please see Advertising/Endorsements Disclosures

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